MCT Steinberg Certified Training Center

UCA has become a Steinberg Certified Training Center. The accreditation by Steinberg — a specialist music technology company — follows the launch of our BA/BSc (Hons) Music Composition & Technology degree, based at UCA Farnham, and reflects the access that students have to industry-standard equipment and high-quality training at the University.

Dr Harry Whalley, Course Leader for BA/BSc (Hons) Music Composition & Technology, said: “The accreditation is for the use of all Steinberg software, but in particular Dorico and Cubase.

“Dorico is a music notation software that was released not much over a year ago, whereas Cubase is an industry standard Digital Audio Workstation that students can choose to use for both composition and production.

“The accreditation means that UCA is an approved provider of instruction in Steinberg software and it builds connections with Steinberg as an industry partner, ranging from Steinberg support as well as specific events and training.”

The BA/BSc (Hons) Music Composition & Technology course aims to give students a global understanding of music, sound design, and technology, equipping them with the skills needed to manipulate sound and music and to develop their individual voices as composers.


Steinberg is a music technology company that produces music recording, arranging and editing software and hardware.

Richard Llewellyn, Education Manager UK at Steinberg, added: “Steinberg are absolutely delighted to be partnering with the University for the Creative Arts. As a Steinberg Certified Training Center, the University is recognised as a center of excellence. Through this official partnership, we will be able to build a strong, meaningful relationship that will benefit students at the University, supporting them in all their creative music making.”


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