Throughout the year we are proud to invite some of the most interesting and influential guest speakers to give their candid advice to our students.


Brian Felsen (CD Baby / Los Angeles)

‘The Changing shape of the Creative Industries’

During his time at CD Baby, Brian Felsen helmed the world’s largest online distributor of independent music, which distributes over 5 million titles and has paid over $300 million to its 330,000 artists.

Since then he ran AdRev the leading independent Content ID and Network Partner on YouTube in terms of number of videos claimed and monetized, views per month, royalties paid, and assets under management.

Brian is also a Composer and Film-Maker in his own right. MCT Talk #1 is over Skype from LA


Luci Holland (Computer Game Composer)

Luci Holland is a composer, arranger, sound designer, conductor, oboist/vocalist, voice actor, and arts producer who composes for film, games and concert.

Luci graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Composition for Screen in 2014, now working regularly as a freelance composer and with the youth music charity Tinderbox Project, classical music organisation Absolute Classics, and occassionally coordinating artistic interactive seminars and performances as the Edinburgh Game Symposium and with her music-for-media band Mantra Sound.

She recently composed original dynamic/responsive music for Blazing Griffin‘s 2018 release Murderous Pursuits, and in 2016 also orchestrated and produced an arrangement of Jessica Curry‘s Disappearing for official release with label Materia Collective. Currently she is also composing bespoke game music tracks for Skyrim mod Lordbound.

Luci also builds and designs interactive sonic art installations – in March 2018 she launched interactive audiovisual experience Refraction with arts producer Cryptic Nights, in collaboration with Tom Sulat, Ross Blair, & Projector Club; and in 2017 Luci presented her custom-built site-specific dynamic sound installation CITADEL for the Hidden Door festival.

Currently she is also working on several other international collaborative recording and music albums & projects for film, and she was among 8 artistic practitioners selected to participate on Serious Music‘s Learning & Participation career development programme (LEAP).


Ron Davis (SymphRONica - Toronto)

Ron Davis. He plays piano. He composes. He’s released 11 critically acclaimed albums, including RhythmaRON, his first solo piano outing. Ron has traveled the world playing his innovative, fresh music. From Toronto to Tokyo to London. Airplay of his recordings has been worldwide and extensive.

Ron has established himself as one of the most original, enjoyable voices in jazz today. A virtuoso pianist. An entertainer. He creates a multi-textured musical mix. A dynamic vibe. A Russian critic described Ron as follows:  “…astonishing technique, authentic heir to the greatest pianists of Toronto – classical pianist Glenn Gould and jazz musician Oscar Peterson… breathtaking!”

He is a repeat performer on BBC and CBC. 2016 and 2017 have seen triumphant concert runs at the legendary Scottish Arts Club for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2015 he was a critic’s choice performer at the PAN AM GAMES. He is the founder of SYMPHRONICA – jazz, world, groove, pop, classical. Ron and SymphRONica were guest performers at the official CANADA DAY / CANADA150 celebrations in Trafalgar Square in London on July 1, 2017. Ron collaborates widely- from Argentinean street dancers to Japanese drummers.

Ron sits on the boards of numerous charities. He was Secretary of the GLENN GOULD FOUNDATION. Co-Producer of the GLENN GOULD VARIATIONS. Ron also holds a law degree and is a former French professor, Ron publishes articles on law, music, and linguistics.


Mark Glaister (Deep East Music / BMG)

Since 2007 Deep East Music have been enjoying creating & connecting our music with the needs & tastes of music users & choosers the world over. To promos, commercials, TV programs, radio & other media - our clients across all major broadcasters/networks, agencies, production companies & stations say we create nail-on-the head tracks with that something different. High-end production values - Fresh, intuitive &, of course, quality music - Precise & swift delivery - A professional, friendly service. All provided with independent & energetic commitment. The DEM catalogue vibrantly & inspiringly covers... Indie, rock & guitar-based hybrids. Bangers & from-the-dancefloor crossovers. Contemporary orchestral, filmic, dramatic & emotive gems. Quirky & vibrant acoustic ear-catchers. From London's acclaimed indie/guitar producers, top pop writers, Hollywood film composers & underground + stadium-filling dance producers.